14. July 2009

Conference on regionalization of Serbia: Announcement

Serbia: Open People, Open Possibilities Regionalization and European Integration The Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy is organizing a forum on regionalization and European integration of Serbia. The conference will be held at the Committee of the Regions in October.

The goals of the conference are:

·        Developing a better understanding of the process of regionalization in Europe for the Serbian authorities (state and local);

·        Presenting the functions of regions in other European countries and their historical development;

·        Offering an insight into European legislation related to the regionalization process;

·        Informing the representatives of local and regional Serbian authorities about the different financing possibilities through some of the European funds;

·        Gathering relevant experience from other European regions for the Serbian society;

·        Connecting local authorities from Serbia and EU.


At this event the Institute will invite representatives from the different levels of governance in Serbia (local, regional, and state), members of the NGO sector who are working on the decentralization process in Serbia, relevant representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as the representatives of the different European regions from the Committee of the Regions.


Registration and other information will be posted soon.

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