29. May 2017

Daily Politika ignores reaction to article smearing Curuvija

Commission for Investigation of Murders of Journalists on Monday announced that it was protesting the lack of professionalism of the newspaper Politika. The Commission said that on Friday, May 19, the Belgrade daily published a disgraceful article by the former editor-in-chief of Politika Ekspres, Djordje Martic (entitled "Curuvija, Racak and Gordic"), and then declined to publish the reaction of the Commission, and the response of its president, Veran Matic. "By ignoring the Code of Journalists of Serbia and its obligation to ensure that in the other side is heard in discussions on important social issues, Politika's acting editor-in-chief Zarko Rakic ​​has not only enabled those who ordered the ominous article from 1999, 'Curuvija welcomed bombs' to posthumously smear our murdered colleague Slavko Curuvija, but also opened the door to the suspicion that this new disgraceful attack on Curuvija is an integral part of his editorial concept," a statement said. It added that she Commission finds unacceptable Politika's rejection to allow those who remember Curuvija as a victim of the fight for a more free journalism in Serbia to also speak on its pages, unlike those who ordered the article "Ćuruvija welcomed bombs." The Commission will file a complaints against Politika to the Press Council as an independent self-regulatory body. The Commission also invites other media to provide to the general public all the necessary information about this professional scandal, where Politika failed to respect even the most fundamental ethical norms of the profession. @b92

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