13. November 2017

Party wants full OSCE observer mission for Belgrade election

Serbian National Assembly President Maja Gojkovic will be formally asked in the coming days to request OSCE's monitoring of the local elections in Belgrade. The People's Party (NS) Vice President Nikola Jovanovic announced this in a written statement, adding that the proposal has been formulated in cooperation with the Movement of Free Citizens. "Most authentic opposition actors" agree on this, he said. "The People's Party believes that the presence of a full OSCE observer mission is a key precondition for the regularity of the forthcoming Belgrade and all other elections that could be held at the same time... We demand a full OSCE observer mission, not just a symbolic presence that would be abused as a fig leaf for election theft," he said. Jovanovic said that a full mission implies long-term and short-term observers, both the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. "We are asking that the OSCE mission monitors all aspects of the election, to arrive six weeks before the election, and to have its observers present in a significant number of polling stations... The people's will is sacrosanct, it must be freely and authentically expressed - everything else is unacceptable for the People's Party," said Jovanovic. He added that the OSCE had made numerous objections regarding the course of the previous parliamentary and presidential elections in 2016 and 2017. Copied from:

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