19. April 2017

National Assembly to resume work after election break

The Serbian National Assembly will on Wednesday resume the sitting suspended on March 1 as the agenda was being determined. Assembly President Maja Gojkovic made the decision on the first day of the spring session because of the campaign for the presidential elections, ongoing at the time, saying that she "wished to preserve the dignity of the Assembly." The sitting will now continue after a month and a half, with several international agreements and protocols submitted by the government on the agenda. Members of the Assembly ("people's deputies") from opposition Democratic Party and the DJB Movement will try to include a vote on Gojkovic's dismissal on the agenda - a motion that would require 126 votes in favor. They accuse her of "degrading the top legislative body, violating the Constitution, and the Assembly's rules of procedure." In a statement for the daily Politika, Gojkovic said that for procedural reasons, none of the demands for her dismissal can be added to the agenda of the current sitting. @b92

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