02. September 2017

PM, businesspeople talk "monetary policy and strong dinar"

PM Ana Brnabic has announced a meeting with representatives of the National Bank of Serbia and businesspeople "to discuss monetary policy and a strong dinar." She did this on Friday after a working meeting with members and partners of NALED, the government announced. Brnabic told reporters that "the issue of a strong dinar was launched by some of our producers whom a strong domestic currency (Serbian dinar, RSD) does not suit - because their market is threatened by cheaper imports, but also because of their placement on foreign markets." She "explained that a meeting with the National Bank of Serbia, as well as with businesspeople, will be organized to see what our best overall policy is to make the economy and all our producers more powerful." According to the government, "when it comes to announced measures for GDP growth, the prime minister stated that they are ready." "We evaluate them within the overall policy, all together as a wider picture with measures concerning minimum wages and possibly a reduction in taxable work and an increase in salaries and pensions. So, we look at it at the same time, because everything has an impact on the budget," she explained. Brnabic presented the program and activities of the government and priorities for the continuation of Serbia's economic growth to the representatives of the economy, civil society and the international community. The officials also discussed the cooperation between the government and NALED in order to further develop e-government, curbing the gray economy, reducing administrative and parafiscal burdens, fostering local economic development and strengthening public-private dialogue. At:

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