13. November 2017

Vucic: We could join EU in 2023; meeting with Putin soon

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday announced that he would travel to Russia in mid-December, where he will meet with his Russian counterpart. Vucic announced this in conversation with reporters, as he was touring a Belgrade Waterfront construction site. "I will speak with Putin about our bilateral relations, about politics, the economy, but also about everything that's happening in the region, Europe, and around the world," he said. Commenting on EC President Jean Claude Juncker's statement that Serbia could join the EU by 2025, Vucic said this was "encouraging." "I have asked for more concrete dates. That depends both on them and on the member-states' decision, and on the stance toward Kosovo and Metohija, but it is encouraging that the president of the European Commission counts on Serbia as an EU member before 2015. That's in less than seven years. This is, for the first time, a clear outline of our future," he said. Vucic added that based on Juncker's statement, he thought Serbia could join the EU in 2023. "I think it's possible, but I'm not making any promises," Vucic said. Copied from:

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