18. April 2017

Results announced based on 100 percent of polling stations

Presidential candidate Aleksandar Vucic has won 55.08 percent (2,012,788 votes), the Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) announced on Tuesday. These provisional results for the elections held on April 2 are based on 100 percent of polling stations and voters, the Commission said. Sasa Jankovic placed second (16.36 percent - 597,728 votes), followed by Luka Maksimovic (9.43 percent - 344,498 votes), Vuk Jeremic (5.66 percent - 206,576 votes), Vojislav Seselj (4.48 percent - 163,802 votes), Bosko Obradovic (2.29 percent - 83,523 votes), Sasa Radulovic (1.41 percent - 51,551 votes), Milan Stamatovic (1.15 percent - 42,193 votes), Nenad Canak (1.12 percent - 41,070 votes), Aleksandar Popovic (1.04 percent - 38,167 votes) and Miroslav Parovic (0.32 percent - 11,540 votes). The turnout was 54.34 percent (3,655,365 citizens - of whom 3,654,014 voted). The Commission found 1.65 percent of ballots (60,378) to be invalid. The final, official results of the election will be announced 96 hours after the closing of the three polling stations where elections were repeated on Monday. Asked what would happen if opposition representatives in the Commission refused to accept the final results, RIK President Vladimir Dimitrijevic said that he expects all members to act in accordance with the law, and confirm the results. According to Dimitrijevic, there is "a hypothetical possibility" that not all RIK members will accept the results, in which case the Administrative Court could do this. @b92

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