29. May 2017

Skopje "minds our intelligence officers - what about others"

Serbia's ambassador to Macedonia "had a conversation" at the Macedonian MFA regarding the presence of a Serbian intelligence officer in the country's Assembly. Beta reported this on Monday. The ambassador was summoned to the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) last week, when Dacic, Serbia's foreign minister, said that Skopje was not asking for the withdrawal of Goran Zivaljevic from the embassy because he was present, "doing his job," during the storming of the Macedonian Assembly in late April. The agency said on Monday that Dacic described the ambassador's conversation as "fair," and noted that "measures against Zivaljevic" had not been discussed during the meeting. However, Dacic added that media reports about members of "other foreign services" also being present in the Assembly at the time - while Skopje did not summon their ambassadors - were "very interesting." "I didn't notice Macedonia summoning their ambassadors to ask them what they (the officers) were doing there," Dacic said, responding to reporters' questions after the marking of Diplomacy Day. According to him, Macedonia "cannot mind Serbian representatives, but not those from the US, Germany, France, and others." "We will strive to have best relations with our neighbors... but as they are toward us, so we will be towards them," Dacic added. @b92

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