30. May 2017

Serbia "strikes back": Macedonian ambassador to be summoned

Macedonian Ambassador to Serbia Vera Jovanovska-Tipko will be summoned to the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tanjug is reporting on Tuesday. The agency said said it learned that Jovanovska will be asked today to provide answers about the wiretapping of journalists and representatives of Serbs in Macedonia. She will also be asked to explain how transcripts of the wiretapped conversations became public, and whether other ambassadors posted in Skopje - whose countries' security services were present in the Macedonian Assembly (during the April 27 incident) - had been summoned to the Macedonian MFA along with the Serbian ambassador - or whether this had been done selectively, "only with the Serbian ambassador." Earlier this month Macedonian television station Telma reported that advisor at the Serbian embassy in Skopje and BIA officer Goran Zivaljevic was in the Assembly of Macedonia at the time it was stormed by violent protesters. Serbian Ambassador Dusanka Divjak-Tomic was then summoned to the Macedonian Foreign Ministry. Dacic asked afterwards why other foreign nationals who were also in the Assembly have not been mentioned. When asked "what he was doing in the Assembly, outside the diplomatic protocol," Zivaljevic told the Macedonian TV station that he was there on official business, to see whether Serbian citizens, sports fans or extremists, were involved in the incident. After this, the NGO KRIK announced that Serbian journalist Miroslav Lazanski, along with "a member of the Serbian secret service," carried out "media propaganda in Macedonia in favor of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and of Russia's policy." KRIK referred to wiretapped conversations that it claims have been "leaked from the Macedonian secret service." KRIK also said that Zivaljevic on March 3 called Ivana Stoilkovic, a Macedonian MP and leader of the Democratic Party of Serbs, to tell him that he was hosting a journalist is Skopje who will "perform the task for them." @b92

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