26. May 2017

Agrobanka shareholders after 5 years: There is no justice

Shareholders of the collapsed Agrobanka say that the current government has done "nothing to solve the great affair in order to compensate the shareholders." "All promises about fighting high-level corruption and organized crime proved to be false and were used only to gain cheap political points during frequent election cycles," said a statement issued on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of what they termed "the big robbery of domestic and foreign shareholders." Shareholders of Agrobanka said that "the court process that the state allegedly conducted against the suspects in this affair has been rendered completely meaningless because the real culprits are not in the dock, while the trial is stalled after five years due to corruption at the very top of the state." "All hopes the shareholders had that there would be the rule of law justice in Serbia under the current actors in power have fallen through, and we await the inevitable shift where the assets of domestic and foreign investors will finally be protected as they are everywhere in the world," the statement said. @b92

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