24. May 2017

Serbian Army chief receives US Army Europe commander

The cooperation between the Serbian Army (VS) and the US Armed Forces "occupies a significant place in overall bilateral relations and is constantly improving." VS Chief of General Staff Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic and a delegation of the United States European Command (EUCOM) agreed this was the case during a meeting in Belgrade on Tuesday. The delegation was headed by US Army Europe commander Lt.-Gen. Frederick Hodges, the Defense Ministry said in a statement. According to the MoD, the two generals spoke about "bilateral military cooperation between Serbia and the US, especially in the field of training." "Collaboration in development of capacities of VS Base Jug and an engineering general support company for participation in UN peacekeeping operations, conduct of joint exercises and joint engagement of medical teams in Angola were highlighted as one of the greatest priorities," the statement said. Hodges was also received by Serbian Defense Minister Zoran Djordjevic, with whom he spoke about "bilateral military cooperation, where realization of joint exercises aimed at improving operational and functional capabilities of the VS takes special place," the MoD said. "We are exceptionally satisfied with the bilateral military cooperation with the United States and it is not rare that, on both sides, precisely the military relations are being assessed as the most highly developed segment of the overall bilateral relations between our countries," said Djordjevic. Hodges conveyed a very positive impression about EUCOM's cooperation that the VS, and stressed the outstanding professionalism and training of the members of the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia, the MoD said. According to the statement, Hodges "emphasized the importance of joint exercises and training of ground armies of the two countries, and his expectation that the quality and quantity of joint exercises and other forms of cooperation will be kept at a high level." @b92

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