19. January 2020

"Next months crucial, EU faces risk if it doesn't send a clear signal to Serbia"

The coming months will be crucial for EU-Western Balkan relations, Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak stated He also warned of the risks that the Union could face if it did not send a clear signal to the region. "It is necessary to find a new consensus on opening accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, to improve enlargement policy and to prepare the EU-Western Balkans Summit in May", Lajcak said. He spoke at the 2020 EU Strategic Choices Conference in the Western Balkans in Berlin. Lajcak stressed that it is important to understand that enlargement is a positive agenda, noting that recently he was under the impression that enlargement is being treated as a problem. Lajcak said the EU must demonstrate its influence in the Western Balkans region, TASS reports. "We often rely on communication strategies, but we seem to forget that people in the Western Balkans are reading the nuances of the signals we send," he concluded. At:

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