07. December 2017

Poll: Ruling SNS strong in Belgrade; 38% back EU membership

If local elections were held in Belgrade this coming Sunday, 48 percent of citizens would turn out to vote, according to a new Faktor Plus poll. The poll, presented on December 6, also showed that the ruling coalition led by President Aleksandar Vucic's SNS party - without the Socialists (SPS) - would win 39 percent of the vote. If the SPS participated alone, it could count on 5.9 percent, according to the survey. The Group of Citizens Aleksandar Sapic and the PSG Movement/People's Party/Dragan Djilas coalition would take 16 percent each, according to Faktor Plus. The pollster's director, Vladimir Pejic, said they were working with "potential electoral lists, as cited in the media" - considering that remains unclear what coalition will be forged for the Belgrade election, which is yet to be scheduled. If early parliamentary elections were held on Sunday, 41 percent of voters would turn out - 53 percent of which would choose the SNS. The SPS would receive 9.6 percent, followed by the DS (6.9 percent), the PSG (5.6 percent), and the Dveri Movement (3 percent). The poll has also shown that the institution that enjoys the highest degree of trust is the Serbian Orthodox Church (58 percent), followed by the president (54 percent), and the Serbian Army (48 percent). Citizens trust judiciary and education systems the least. Asked whether Serbia should become a member of the EU, 38 percent of respondents said "yes," 35 percent said "no," while 27 replied by saying that they "do not know." The survey was conducted within the Political Barometer project, with the data gathered from November 28 until December 5. At:

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