29. May 2017

"I haven't yet quite decided who will be next PM"

Aleksandar Vucic, who will later this week take the oath of office as the new president, said on Monday he has "not yet quite decided who will be the next PM." "Discussions are still ahead. The day after tomorrow is a very important day for me and I want everything to go solemnly. Then we will have a meeting of the party (SNS), that I still lead. Then we will talk to our coalition partners," Vucic said after chairing last meeting as head of government "in this mandate," Tanjug reported on Monday. He told reporters that "everything is taking its course in line with the deadlines and dates, as I promised," and that he would on Tuesday "show off excellent economic results." Vucic also said that his inauguration on June 23 will be attended by "a large number of heads of state and government from the region," and that he expects "almost all" top officials from Serbia's neighborhood to be in Belgrade - "because peace and stability in the region is part of my policy." This policy is import for economic development "and exceptionally important for the government's future work," Vucic said. He said he expects the highest-ranking representatives of Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, and Austria to all show up for his inauguration. "That will be the greatest recognition to date not for myself, bu for our country," said Vucic. @b92

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