09. May 2018

49.5 percent of Serbians would vote to join EU - poll

According to a new poll, on a scale from one to five, Serbian citizens appraise their country's relations with the EU a mark of 2.78. The public opinion poll about the citizens' stance toward the EU was carried out March 21-24 by the Institute for European Affairs NGO and the Ninamedia agency, on a representative sample of 1,201 respondents. More than half of them support Serbia's membership in the EU in general terms, while 49.5 percent said they would vote in favor of this (in a referendum). 62 percent of Serbians think their country benefits from cooperation with the EU - the youngest respondents hold to this opinion the most, but they also support Serbia's actual membership the least. When it comes to Serbia's friends and enemies in the EU, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Austria have been named as greatest friends, while Croatia, the UK, Germany once again, and France as the greatest enemies. When it comes to Serbia's neighbors, most respondents think their country has best relations with Bosnia-Herzegovina and Hungary, and the worst with Croatia and Albania. At:

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