17. April 2017

New Serbian prime minister to be known "within month"

Serbian Prime Minister and President-elect Aleksandar Vucic announced on Monday he would reveal the name of the country's new prime minister within a month. After his meeting with Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej in Belgrade, Vucic - who should be sworn in as Serbia's new president at the end of May - told reporters that the circle of candidates for the top government job has been narrowed down to "two, three names." Asked about Minister Aleksandar Vulin's intention to initiate the sacking of the leadership of the state broadcaster, Vucic laughed, and using the derogatory term for the Democrats and their supporters - "the yellows" - said: "All the yellows remained there, those appointed by the Democratic Party are all movers and shakers... it's sort of amusing to see how somebody who gathered together 60 people wants to have five minutes on the main news (Dnevnik)... when Vulin is asking for it (the sackings) then that's dictatorship, when others are, that's a democratic request. Have I always been happy with what RTS is doing? No, but there are those who decide on that." Asked to comment on the ongoing protests in Serbia by those dissatisfied with his first-round victory in Serbia's presidential elections on April 2, Vucic said that "300 to 600 people are gathering in Nis and Novi Sad - when there's a big protest - and up to 3,000 in Belgrade." "That's a rather small number," he remarked. @b92

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