02. September 2017

Education and digitization, government's "main priorities"

1,407 secondary school students on Friday received plaques for the results achieved in competitions in Serbia and abroad in 2016. On the first school day of this year, they were presented with the plaques a ceremony in Belgrade by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Minister of Youth and Sport Vanja Udovicic. The officials said that "the state will do everything to create conditions for young people to stay in the country and to work there," the Serbian government said. Brnabic "emphasized that on a day like this she is most proud to be the Serbian prime minister" and recalled that "the two main priorities of the government are education and digitization - without young people Serbia cannot be successful and cannot have a sustainable long-term development in the long run." "Knowledge is certainly the most important value in the 21st century, " she said, and thanked the participants for their efforts, persistence and courage to achieve these results. She congratulated the winners of the plaque, their parents and teachers, reiterating that the government will do everything in its power to create the conditions for them to stay in the country. The prime minister pointed out that there are many examples that say that Serbia is the right country to work in, citing positive examples, such as the Biosens Institute in Novi Sad, the companies Nordeus, Seven Bridges, Infostud and others. "It is important to constantly repeat these examples, because we often do not know and cannot appreciate what we have," Brnabic said and announced that a student creative start-up center at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis will be opened next week. Brnabic announced that in the next four years the state plans to allocate more than €50 million only for the infrastructure for entrepreneurship, the start-up innovations, and for people like the winners of the plaque, to stay here and to take full advantage of all of their potential. Udovicic said that the winners of the plaque, their parents and teachers know very well how difficult it is to achieve this result and how much effort is needed to make it happen. At:

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