18. May 2017

Vucic hopes Trump will withstand "relentless campaign"

Aleksandar Vucic expects good relations with the US and adds that the country's new president has faced "a relentless campaign against him from day one." "Serbia is too small a country, and I too small a politician to interfere even in the internal affairs of Macedonia, let alone of the US," the prime minister and president-elect said. Responding to questions from reporters on Thursday, he stated: "What we have seen from day one is a relentless campaign against (Donald) Trump. From day one - I've never seen such an organized campaign against someone. We wish (him) success and good relations with the US. Whether he'll be able to withstand it - it's not easy for any person." Vucic pointed out that he, too, faces "those whom he helped the most saying the worst things about him." "Those I've helped the most are showing the most hatred, and that is evident today in the US as well. I believe Trump will withstand it," Vucic stressed. @b92

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