22. June 2020

70.57 votes processed, SNS is the absolute winner - turnout higher than 50 percent

REC announced on the basis of 70.57 percent of the processed election material that 2.122.773 Serbian citizens voted, which is 50.32 percent of the electorate. The director of the Republic Bureau of Statistics, Miladin Kovacevic, said that, according to the provisional election results, seven electoral lists are entering the Serbian Parliament, four of which are minority. The Serbian Progressive Party won 61.59 percent of the votes, i.e. 191 mandates, 10.32 percent voted for the SPS-JS coalition, which is 32 mandates, while Serbian Patriotic Alliance SPAS Aleksandra Sapic won 3.64 percent or 11 parliamentary mandates. Minority parties will also sit in the parliament: the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians with 10 deputies, as well as the list of Muamer Zukorlic, SDA Sandzak and the united Albanian party with two deputies each. Kovacevic also announced the provisional results of the lists that did not pass the threshold, in the order from the electoral list. SRS won 2.08 percent, POKS 2.68, United Democratic Serbia UDS 0.93, Broom Movement 2.15, the coalition around Healthy Serbia 1.1 percent, Zavetnici 1.43, Narodni blok 0.27, PSG 1.52, Sovereignists 2.23, Movement "1 of 5 million" 0.62 percent, coalition "Let the masks fall" 0.23, Russian party 0.18, coalition around LDP 0.31 and "Leviathan" 0.69 percent of votes. At:

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