24. January 2018

51 percent would vote for EU membership - poll

If a referendum were held tomorrow with the question "Do you support Serbia's membership in the EU?,"52 percent of respondents would vote "yes." 24 percent would vote "no," shows a new poll, conducted in late December by the Ministry of European Integration. The survey showed that 12 percent of Serbian citizens would not vote at all or did not know what to answer. The survey involved 1,050 respondents over 18 years of age and was created according to the Eurobarometer standard, the ministry announced on Tuesday. The ministry said that citizens' support to reforms, like in previous years, is very high, and that 65 percent of respondents think that reforms necessary for EU membership should be implemented regardless. When it comes to grants given to Serbia since 2000, 24 percent of respondents recognized that the EU has been the largest donor ; Russia is perceived by citizens to be in second place, followed by China, and Japan. At:

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