09. February 2020

Vucic: I do not believe they will offer anything good to the Serbs

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic expects to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss a methodology for talks on resolving the Kosovo issue Vucic stressed that the talks will not be about a plan to resolve the Kosovo issue, as speculated in the media. "I don't think any new plan will be discussed. No one can come up with a plan and say 'take it or leave it,'" he said. Asked if Berlin is speeding up talks on Kosovo because of US engagement, the president said he would not comment on that, but that the situation is certainly difficult for us. "It is certainly difficult for us, because any solution coming from the outside will be an imposed solution to some kind of recognition of Kosovo's independence. So, we have to find a form of normalization that would go without that ... Or they will offer something good to the Serbs, which I do not believe in", Vucic noted. He said that while he has "all the facts known in an equation in his mind," it cannot produce a result that would be either unsatisfactory or satisfactory. "I used to be able to achieve good results, but now I am not in a position to do that", he added. Asked if Merkel's attitude would change, noting that she congratulated Albin Kurti on his appointment, he said that Merkel now finds talking to Kurti more important than talking to him, because the Chancellor had to see what kind of policy Kurti would lead, what she could count on, and what would be their next steps, apart for the fact, Vucic noted, that they would file a genocide lawsuit against Serbia and a 100 percent envisaged increase on the spending on weapons for the police and the military. Vucic says he knows the exact date of the meeting with the German Chancellor, but it is not a right moment to share it publicly. At:

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