19. April 2017

Belgrade to host regional meeting on Agrokor crisis

Belgrade will host a meeting between Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic's meeting with Serbian, Slovenian, Bosnian and Montenegrin trade and economy ministers. They will be joined by Serbia's agriculture minister "to discuss the status of the Agrokor company headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia," Beta reported. The meeting will consider "joint actions to protect jobs in the firms operating within Agrokor, to protect the interests of its suppliers and other issues related to the stability of Agrokor's operations." More than 60 firms operate within the conglomerate across the region, employing nearly 60,000 people. In Serbia, Agrokor owns Mercator S, Dijamant, Frikom, MG Mivela, Kikindski Mlin and Nova Sloga, employing a total of 11,000 people, Beta said. @b92

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