11. May 2017

Serbia looks to clinch deals worth EUR 3.2 bln with China

A Serbian delegation that will travel to China will sign several agreements, including on the Preljina-Pozega and Pozega-Boljare sections of Corridor 11. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic previously said he was considering granting a concession for this part of the future highway to Montenegro to the Chinese, adding, however, that he would be "very sad to do that." Zorana Mihajlovic, one of his deputies and minister of transport and infrastructure, on Thursday confirmed this, saying that the agreement was "very important to us because it marks the beginning of conversations on how to realize those sections." While in China, the Serbian delegation will also discuss opening "a direct air route," and the Nikola Tesla Airport. "We will sign an important contract to modernize the Belgrade-Budapest rail line, the part from Novi Sad to the border with Hungary, worth EUR 700 million," she told Tanjug. Another contract, worth EUR 400 million, concerns the Fruska Gora Corridor from Ruma to Novi Sad. "In the coming months we will be launching talks about commercial contracts. The value of the tree projects is EUR 3.2 billion and I think it's important to stress that at least half of this money will go to domestic contractors, who can apply and take part in realizing the projects," Mihajlovic said. So far, where infrastructure is concerned, Serbia has worked with the Chinese to build the Pupin Bridge over the Danube near Belgrade, while three Corridor 11 sections are currently under construction: Surcin-Obrenovac, Obrenovac-Ub, and Lajkovac-Ljig. The total value of current and future projects with the Chinese is EUR 5.6 billion. @b92

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