25. May 2017

"Serb List has one condition - that there's no Kosovo army"

Serb (Srpska) List leader Slavko Simic has rejected claims that Serb representatives had "four conditions for the transformation of the KSF into an army." He in this way denied the veracity of the statement made by outgoing Minister of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) Haki Demolli. Simic said that the Serb List has and will have only one condition - such an army cannot be formed. In a statement sent to the media on Thursday, Simic said that only the Serb List, in cooperation with Belgrade, guarantees that the so-called Army of Kosovo will not be established, and the safety of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. "Threats to the Serbian people that are being expressed in Kosovo increasingly easily and openly are a hint of a dangerous and dark tomorrow in which the Serb people can count on being safe and surviving only as a strong and well-organized political collective, which has the support of Belgrade. If the Serb people were to elect political profiteers as their representatives in Pristina, they would be voting for their own downfall," said Simic. The people must, he said, believe that never in recent past has it been as important as it is now that Serbs are politically monolithic. "The Serb people standing united behind the Serb List is the only thing that can prevent those who are threatening us, from tomorrow going from words to deeds, because our only chance is in strength and unity," said Simic. "There are no multiple Serb columns in Kosovo, there is only one, and that is the Serb list. All other lists are Trojan horses that should take Albanian candidates for Serb MPs to parliament. Only the Serb List has been offering a lion's resistance to the idea of ​​forming the so-called Kosovo army, and the elections have been called, among other things, in order to rearrange the Serb political scene in Kosovo, and bring a sufficient number, at least four, cooperative Serbs to parliament who would support the creation of an army whose target will be none other than we ourselves," he said. Simic stressed that the Serb List must have a sufficient number of MPs to prevent such a dangerous scenario. He pointed out that the Serb List has been attacked, discredited and ignored in the past when important political decisions were made in Pristina "because we did not want to sell out and work against the interests of our own people." "Some individuals were willing to make such deals and in these elections they will have the logistical support of Pristina and various embassies. Therefore, by voting for the lists formed by some Serb political outcasts, one votes for Haradinaj and Thaci, for their threats coming true," said Simic. Representatives of the Serb List, he continued, witnessed the damaging work of the "Jablanovics-Slobodan Petrovic clan" in breaking the Serb unity in Kosovo - "and we have seen what kind of things they are capable of." "Pristina will try to invent votes for them - the old and the newly formed Party of Thaci's Serbs and other political loners who support them - but the Serb people must not help in that," concluded Simic. @b92

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