23. August 2017

Population policy is government's priority - PM

The population policy and better demographic future of Serbia are priorities of the government, Serbian Prime Ana Brnabic said on Monday in Belgrade. According to remarks published by the Serbian government, Brnabic also "pointed out the importance of full implementation of existing laws and harmonizing work and parenting." Speaking after the constituent session of the Population Policy Council, the prime minister "emphasized that we can talk about the growth of GDP, bring investors, reduce unemployment, but if we do not have success as the Population Policy Council, we have no future." One of the topics at today's meeting were amendments to the Birth Enhancement Strategy, with an expert group that has a 90-day deadline to prepare these amendments. Brnabic "pointed out that the Strategy is a long-term measure, but that short-term measures are also planned on the basis of the research of harmonizing work and parenting, which should be given the first results faster" and "to the importance of full implementation of existing laws, adding that efforts must be made to popularize legal solutions that can harmonize work and parenting." She also said that shorthcomings were noted and that some legal solutions need to be changed. Minister without Portfolio in charge of Demography and Population Policy Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic submitted a report on past work and stressed that "the Birth Enhancement Strategy is theoretically remarkable, but that it has not been applied and that it was necessary that it be innovated." First steps have been taken with local governments "to improve the state of the population policy and RSD 130 million of grants for projects in 15 municipalities across Serbia were set aside." At:

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