25. October 2017

Former President Nikolic denies he plans to form new party

Former Serbian President and former SNS leader Tomislav Nikolic has denied that he is thinking about establishing a new movement or political party. Nikolic's comments for the daily Vecernje Novosti came in the wake of media speculations that he might do that - given that he missed the Serbian Progressive Party's "9th birthday party," organized in Belgrade on Saturday. "I don't occupy myself politics, nor will I. I support the SNS and have good cooperation with Aleksandar Vucic. I will show up at any of the party's important events to which I'm invited," said Nikolic, who stepped down as SNS leader when he became Serbia's president in 2012, and who now heads the government's Council for Cooperation with Russia and China. Earlier in the day, SNS leader and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic also commented on Nikolic's absence on Saturday, to say they enjoyed "good relations" and add that it was "Nikolic' business" whether or not he wished to attend the SNS celebration. The SNS, Serbia's currently ruling party, was co-founded in 2008 by Nikolic and Vucic, after a split from Vojislav Seselj's Radicals (SRS). At:

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