30. May 2017

Minister "doesn't expect major changes in future government"

Zorana Mihajlovic says she does not expect major changes in the future government - but that she expects it will receive "a new freshness and energy." Mihajlovic, who is one of deputy prime ministers, is confident that ministers in the new government, after PM Aleksandar Vucic takes office as president of Serbia, "will not relax," her cabinet announced. "I expect they will continue to do their work diligently and responsibly, and that none of them will view their government position as a side business," Mihajlovic told reporters in the village of Salinovac near Smederevo. According to her, "no one should forget that members of the new government must provide the result to citizens like the current government has done." It is still not known who will replace Vucic and what the complete government line-up will be. @b92

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