30. May 2017

"Government to continue to fight for sovereignty, integrity"

The government will "continue to fight to preserve sovereignty and territorial integrity," First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Monday. Serbia will also remain commitment to EU integration, good neighborly relations, and military neutrality, he said during the marking of Serbian Diplomacy Day in Belgrade. According to remarks published by the government, Dacic "underlined that in order to keep pace with the world, requires a constant modernization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is necessary, which will allow a timely response, both on the topical as well as sudden and unexpected events." With a realistic assessment of security and political challenges it is facing, firmly resolved to solve all disagreements and problems through dialogue and other diplomatic means, with the primary goal of preserving regional peace and stability, Serbia has once again shown that it has the capacity for pragmatic and responsible action, he added. "The Serbian government will continue the principled struggle for the preservation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and will oppose the hints of the formation of the so-called Kosovo army and other attempts of membership in international organizations," Dacic said. It will also remain committed to continuation of the negotiation process with the European Union, further development of good neighborly relations and military neutrality, he said. @b92

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