20. April 2017

"If I said 'all Serbs in one state' I'd hang from flagpole"

PM and President-elect Aleksandar Vucic says the statements regarding a unification of Albania and Kosovo "will remain only in the realm of wishful …
20. April 2017

Serbian government, World Bank hold "thematic session"

The Serbian government held a thematic session with representatives of the World Bank on Thursday in Belgrade. According to the government, Prime …
20. April 2017

State to prop up defense industry with EUR 43mln from budget

Aleksandar Vucic has announced that defense industry factories will the coming period will receive direct financial assistance in the amount of EUR …
20. April 2017

Albania pitches itself as bastion against Russian influence

Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati, who is visiting Washington, says that his country has "the most developed democracy in the Western …
20. April 2017

NATO concerned - but region must sort out its own problems

A day after Edi Rama spoke about possible destabilization in the Western Balkans in the absence of EU perspective, NATO said it was …
19. April 2017

National Assembly to resume work after election break

The Serbian National Assembly will on Wednesday resume the sitting suspended on March 1 as the agenda was being determined. Assembly President Maja …
19. April 2017

"Saber-rattling unnecessary - everyone knows we're prepared"

Serbia does not need to engage in saber-rattling as everyone knows well that we are prepared to defend ourselves, President Tomislav Nikolic said on …
19. April 2017

Serbia and Greece look to improve police cooperation

Serbian and Greek interior ministries will in the coming period "try to increase their cooperation in the fight against all forms of crime." Serbian …
19. April 2017

Now Ukraine denies delivering S-300s to Croatia

Ukraine's Ambassador in Belgrade Oleksandr Aleksandrovych has denied that his country installed missile systems S-300 in Croatia, Tanjug is …
19. April 2017

FM "reiterates strategic commitment to EU membership"

First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic on Wednesday in Belgrade received a delegation of the European Council on Foreign Relations …

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