22. May 2017

Defense minister discusses closer defense ties with Belarus

Serbian Defense Minister Zoran Djordjevic visited Minsk over the weekend, where he in Minsk with his Belarus counterpart Lieutenant-General Andrei …
22. May 2017

"NATO would solve problems - but people don't want it"

Aleksandar Vucic says that "by joining NATO" Serbia would "solve a large portion of its problems." However, continued the prime minister and …
22. May 2017

Plan to build Belgrade-Timisoara highway abandoned

Romania and Serbia have given up the project of "linking their capitals with a highway," says Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu. Grindeanu …
22. May 2017

"Terrible Kosovo precedent poisoned relations with Russia"

The Kosovo intervention set terrible precedents that have come back to haunt the West," Ted Galen Carpenter writes for the National Interest. In an …
19. May 2017

Serbian Church denies working to prevent election of gay PM

Serbian Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government Ana Barnabic says she "deeply respects the Serbian Orthodox Church …
19. May 2017

Tabloid to US ambassador: Apologize, or we'll sue

Editor-in-chief of Informer Dragan Vucicevic has called on US Ambassador Kyle Scott to "publicly apologize" to the daily. Otherwise, Informer's …
19. May 2017

"Pro-Darwin" bishop reportedly under fire at SPC Assembly

According to a newspaper report, the SPC Assembly started with "an attack" on Bishop Maksim and professors of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology. The …
19. May 2017

New PM won't be revealed yet; early elections mentioned

"It is not know when the name of the new prime minister will be known," says Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic. "I am certain that a period of …
19. May 2017

Investments announced in Serbia's northern province

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic met on Friday with President of the Vojvodina Provicncial Assembly and Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians leader Istvan …
19. May 2017

Vucic discusses "Greater Albania" with Russian official

Aleksandar Vucic and Leonid Slutsky, chair of the Russian Duma Committee on International Affairs, met in Belgrade and discussed "the situation in …

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