13. February 2018

EU and Western Balkans: So near and yet so far

The European Commission will unveil its new EU Enlargement Strategy on February 6 th , 2018. Since relations with Turkey have deteriorated markedly, …
09. February 2018

EU doesn't know what binding Kosovo agreement will look like

Johannes Hahn says the EU has no plan regarding the contents of a future legally binding agreement on normalization of relations between Belgrade and …
09. February 2018

"Albania could overtake Serbia on path to EU membership"

After the unveiling of EU's enlargement strategy, the prospect of Western Balkan countries joining remains distant. In an editorial, citied by …
06. February 2018

EU adopts "credible enlargement perspective" for W. Balkans

The European Commission on Tuesday adopted its strategy for "a credible enlargement perspective for and enhanced EU engagement with the Western …
03. February 2018

PM: Clear message, we can join EU without recognizing Kosovo

According to Ana Brnabic, the European Parliament president has "unequivocally" said that Serbia "will not have to recognize Kosovo in order to join …
03. February 2018

EU "plans to accept 6 Balkan states, including Kosovo"

The EU will "hold out the prospect of membership" to "six Western Balkan countries," writes the Financial Times. They are Albania, Serbia, …
31. January 2018

EU "recognizes Serbia's progress," says EP president

The European Parliament (EP) president says the message from the EU is that it recognizes the progress Serbia has made. It is important that Serbia …
26. January 2018

EU "to give Serbia deadline about Kosovo, 2019 key year"

A comprehensive normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo, in the form of a legally binding agreement, is "urgent" for the EU. That's …
24. January 2018

EU to present its enlargement strategy on Feb. 6 - report

The EU will present its enlargement strategy, "The Credible Enlargement Perspective for the Western Balkans," on February 6. This will happen …
24. January 2018

51 percent would vote for EU membership - poll

If a referendum were held tomorrow with the question "Do you support Serbia's membership in the EU?,"52 percent of respondents would vote "yes." …

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