19. March 2018

Expert level Kosovo dialogue resumes in Brussels

A new round of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue at the level of experts will be held in Brussels from Monday until Wednesday. The topics should …
19. March 2018

Serbia has not implemented any of recommendations - CoE

Serbia "has not implemented any of the recommendations on preventing corruption among parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors." Tanjug is reporting …
14. March 2018

"I gave Western Balkans no fixed dates or firm deadlines"

The Western Balkans "clearly see much more in us than we ourselves see in our Union," says European Commission (EC) President Jean Claude …
09. March 2018

WB security tops agenda as EU interior ministers meet

EU ministers are to discuss new security initiatives with the Western Balkans in what is seen as the first step toward EU accession. Brussels has …
05. March 2018

"Western Balkans can collectively become part of EU"

The Western Balkans is "a region that is part of Europe, geographically, and can collectively become part of our European Union." That is what EU …
01. March 2018

Juncker "promised no one in Balkans EU accession date"

Jean-Claude Juncker said after visiting Skopje, Tirana, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Podgorica, and Pristina that he "promised no one an accession date." The …
26. February 2018

"Nobody said Serbia will necessarily join EU in 2025"

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker said in Tirana that Serbian will not necessarily join the EU in 2025. Juncker said 2025 was a …
24. February 2018

Serbia-EU partnership deep and strong - PM

PM Ana Brnabic assessed on Thursday that the partnership between Serbia and the European Union (EU) is much more than a political process of …
19. February 2018

"If Serbs back EU's demands, that will be people's choice"

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says that Moscow is not opposed to Serbia and the region moving closer to the EU. But the choice Brussels is …
16. February 2018

"Let's open all chapters and have Serbia join EU in 2022"

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has urged the EU to speed up the process of accession of Serbia and Montenegro. Speaking on Thursday …

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