10. April 2008

Cooperation with Association of Serbian Banks

PURPOSE: The main purpose of this project is to re-establish the reputation of Serbian banking sector and raise awareness of banking opportunities in Serbia for the European actors


•Following the most recent development in the EU financial and banking environment, with the target to establish strategic and operational links between the key actors in Europe and Serbia in the sector.
• Establishing links for further business development in the banking sector and fostering research and development collaboration on pan-European level with Serbian banking and service sector for new technologies and services.
•Creating an innovative platform for multisectorial development of Serbian business by interweaving banking with telecommunication and IT sector.


Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy takes responsibility, within the framework of its activities, to promote the interests of the Association of Serbian Banks on the European level, to follow and inform on European banking trends, launch the news on the Association and establish cooperation with new contacts by attending the meetings and conferences as the representative of the Association of Serbian Banks and, whenever it is possible, in a period between 01.01.2008. and 31.12.2008.
In order to achieve the above mentioned goals we will engage our efforts in the following specific activities:
• establishing a network for the Serbian banking sector,
• organizing workshops and seminars in the field,
• helping in consulting the Serbian banking sector for what concerns European affairs.
• Facilitating visits of Association of Serbian Banks representatives to the Belgian and EU economic institutions.

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