07. November 2008

European Diaspora of Serbia visit to Brussels

It is our pleasure to inform you that the project entitled “European Diaspora of Serbia visit to Brussels” of our institute has been approved by the Ministry for Diaspora of the Republic of Serbia following the competition organized in November 2008.

From 3 to 4 December representatives of organizations and clubs of Serbian Diaspora from various EU countries will have the opportunity to visit Brussels. The visit will include a mini-seminar about the decision making process in the EU and lobbying, the visit to EU institutions with the representatives of the Ministry for Diaspora and finally a cocktail at the premises of the Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy.

Project participants will have the opportunity to meet the European Parliament members of their own country of residence, as well as to exchange experience with their compatriots from various EU countries, with direct interactive communication with the representatives of the Serbian Ministry for Diaspora. Thus the project will help in developing the Serbian Diaspora network by means of concrete actions in the center of European political, cultural and economic affairs– Brussels.

“Visit of the representatives of the European Diaspora of Serbia to Brussels” intends to support and concretize systematic efforts of the Ministry for Diaspora and to improve the situation of Serbian Diaspora in the EU on both political, and economic but also social level. The project will serve as the first step in establishing and developing cooperation between the Serbian Diaspora actors and EU institutions both on strategic, and operational level. Furthermore, this should help in fulfilling various interests of Serbian expatriates in the EU.

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