21. April 2017

Commission adopts report on final results of elections

The Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) met on Thursday in Belgrade and adopted its report on the final results of the April 2 presidential …
21. April 2017

Serbia to be guest of honor at St. Petersburg Forum

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic received on Friday Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandr Chepurin, the Serbian government announced. The spoke …
21. April 2017

Proposal to urgently debate Gojkovic's dismissal rejected

The Serbian National Assembly has rejected a proposal to debate by urgent procedure a motion to dismiss Assembly Preident Maja Gojkovic. The …
21. April 2017

Vucic "remains committed to good relations with Montenegro"

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic received on Friday Ambassador of Montenegro to Serbia Branislav Micunovic. Vucic recalled that during the …
21. April 2017

Croatian capital to build 3.5-meter tall Tudjman statue

The mayor of Croatia's capital Zagreb, Milan Bandic, has signed a contract to design a 3.5-meter tall statue of former Croatian President Franjo …
21. April 2017

Fly Don't Spy campaign to protect journalists, their sources

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) announced this week that it joined with 29 organizations to launch the Fly Don't Spy campaign. The …
21. April 2017

Oliver Ivanovic released from house arrest

SDP Civil Initiative leader Oliver Ivanovic has been released from house arrest. The Serb politician from northern Kosovo will be free pending the …
21. April 2017

Large quantity of gas, air weapons seized at eastern border

The Serbian Customs Administration says it prevented at attempt to smuggle a large quantity of arms and ammunition across the eastern border with …
20. April 2017

"EU must know: Greater Albania means great war in Balkans"

Pristina and Tirana have clearly stated that their goal is a Greater Albania - and that can only be done through a great Balkan war, says Aleksandar …
20. April 2017

"If I said 'all Serbs in one state' I'd hang from flagpole"

PM and President-elect Aleksandar Vucic says the statements regarding a unification of Albania and Kosovo "will remain only in the realm of wishful …

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Which are the main Economic challenges for Serbia on its track to the European Union and to achieve an European standard of life?

Actual global economic and financial crisis
Corruption and bureaucracy
Dependence of Serbian economy from foreign investments
Devaluation of Dinar, the national currency
High inflation
Infrastructure and living conditions
Political challenges through the existing political system
Qualification of the workforce and the managerial staff