The Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy is a non-profit organization actively focused on the relations between Serbia and the European Union. The Institute is one of the most dynamic promoters of Serbia at the European level. The objectives of the institute are:

• Strengthening communication between the various levels of governance in Serbia and the EU, their business sectors, academic communities, and NGO networks;

• Insuring this communication remains bidirectional and has a win-win outcome for both parties;

• Accelerating the process of Serbia’s accession to the EU;

• Advocating visa liberalization for the citizens of Serbia;

• Raising awareness about the positive democratic changes, the upbeat economic transformation, and other encouraging societal processes in Serbia since year 2000;

• Furthering the economic interests of Serbian companies in the EU;

• Promoting Serbia’s capacity for foreign investments;

• Advancing the cultural and tourist prospects of Serbia;

• Establishing stronger cooperation between Serbian expats and their European friends.


For EU partners, whether they are already present or they are yet to establish their activities in Serbia, the Institute offers help in the following areas:

• Supporting efforts in establishing presence in Serbia;

• Allowing access to specific resources in Serbia;

• Networking in various professional groups and organizations;

• Informing about the recent developments and all open issues in Serbia;

• Updating about the current inter-institutional dialog between Serbia and the EU.


For Serbian partners, whether they are a small-medium enterprise or a big conglomerate, the Institute provides assistance in the following areas:

• Lobbying actively in EU institutions and other professional groups;

• Networking with EU institutions, country-based and regional representations at the EU capitol, as well as other professional groups;

• Informing about innovation networks and EU funding programs for entities from Serbia;

• Monitoring current EU affairs;

• Organizing conferences, workshops, debates, seminars, briefings, etc.;

• Utilizing our EU-wide Diaspora network consisting of Serbian expats living in EU countries, the Serbian business communities, and various EU entities.

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