06. April 2008

International Balkan Congress

International Balkan Congress will be organized by TASAM and Tekirdağ Governership on 24-26 April 2008 in Tekirdağ-TURKEY

“International Balkan Congress” under the title of  “Interaction among the Balkan Nations” will be organized by cooperation of  TASAM (Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies), Tekirdağ Governorship and East-West Thrace Municipal Union in the facilities of Namık Kemal University, Tekirdağ on 24-26 Nisan 2008.
Participation of lecturers, panelists and experts from all Balkan countries in the Congress is planned.
Expert/representative is requested to make a presentation at the 3rd Session under title of "the European Union and the Balkans".  Representative is free to determine presetation's specific topic within the context of the subject of the Session. 

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