Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy is looking for vigorous and motivated undergraduate and graduate students and other individuals interested in European and Serbian affairs to volunteer in its Brussels office.

This position provides an excellent opportunity for interns to learn about European affairs, to prepare their thesis projects regarding EU- Serbia relations and meet prominent people of various European government, think tank, academic, and media circles.

Internship positions at the Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy can be full-time or part-time and duties generally entail research, administrative support, and event management. To apply, please send a cover letter, one-page CV, and a writing sample (in English and/or Serbian) by email to office(*)serbianinstitute(.)org or by mail at

Serbian Institute
for Public Diplomacy
23 Rue de Toulouse
1040 Brussels

Internships last for approximately 3-4 months.  Shorter periods can be accepted under certain circumstances.

The following programs are open:  

  • Geopolitics of Serbia and EU- Trans-Atlantic Challenges
  • EU Funding Opportunities for Serbia
  • EU- Serbia Economic Challenges and Opportunities
  • Serbian Communications and Media Relations
  • Balkans Identity 

Other program proposals are welcome and will be considered.

Internship Deadlines:

  • Fall Deadline: 20 August
  • Winter Deadline: 20 December
  • Summer Deadline: 20 May

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