20. February 2019

President tells EU representative what he expects from EU

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met on Wednesday in Belgrade with the Head of the European Union Delegation to this country, Ambassador Sem Fabrizi. Vucic relayed to Fabrizi the expectation that the EU will make additional efforts to make Pristina withdraw the unilateral moves that threaten peace and stability in the region. "There is a need for a lasting agreement. We are ready to continue the talks with Pristina when the taxes (on goods from central Serbia, increased by 100 percent) have been abolished," Vucic is quoted as telling the EU official. He added that Belgrade is ready to find a compromise solution, stressing that there is no alternative to the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. Vucic talked with Fabrizi about the European path of Serbia, the problems in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, the implementation of political and economic reforms, as well as about global international circumstances. Vucic thanked the EU for the support provided to Serbia, pointing out that the Union is the most important foreign trade partner with which Serbia realizes about 67 percent of its commodity exchange. He said that Serbia must continue along its European path, and that further support of the Union in strengthening, adopting and implementing reforms, is very important for the benefit of the citizens. "We will continue to work intensively on meeting the European agenda, with the aim of opening new chapters (in EU membership negotiations) and achieving faster progress on the road to EU membership," Vucic concluded, according to a press release from the Presidency. "The Delegation of the European Union will continue to support the European integration process," Fabrizi is quoted as saying, and stressing that the EU will continue to mediate in the dialogue with the goal of reaching a comprehensive agreement between Belgrade and Pristina. Vucic and Fabrizi also discussed the process of harmonization of Serbian legislation with that of the European Union, and agreed that more energetic work in the field of the rule of law is needed. The two interlocutors also discussed the reform of the judiciary, the fight against corruption, and media freedoms. At:

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