12. November 2018

Two Pristina officials in "ultimatum to Brussels"

The PM of the provisional institutions Pristina, and his deputy, have hinted at the possibility of withdrawing from the dialogue with Belgrade. Ramush Haradinaj and Enver Hoxhaj have stated that this will happen unless the issue of EU's visa liberalization for Kosovo has been put on (EU's) agenda in December. According to Pristina-based Albanian language daily Epoka e Re, quoted by Tanjug on Friday, the two consider it "reasonable to link the two processes." The newspaper added that "Haradinaj and Hoxhaj think it's unfair to pressure Kosovo for dialogue and at the same time fail to make a decision on visa liberalization." In the past, representatives of authorities in Pristina promised citizens that visa liberalization would occur by the end of this year. However, several EU officials over the last months warned that Pristina had yet to comply with all the criteria for visa liberalization, while some (member) countries outright opposed the possibility publicly - while the process itself is still ongoing. At:

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