28. January 2019

Vucic says Kosovo ideas have been rendered dead on arrival

Referring to the solving of the Kosovo issue, Aksandar Vucic emphasized that he "sees where this is going and how it's going with public opinion." Speaking in a joint news conference in Belgrade on Monday with visiting Slovenian counterpart Borut Pahor, the Serbian president added: "People less and less want want a solution, everyone thinks it's good this way. Not everyone, but most people think it is good because it won't get any worse. It will be much worse if we do not find a solution. That's why I'm afraid and worried," said Vucic. He added that he was saying all this "for the sake of the people in Serbia." "We need to understand the Albanian interests as well. They also have their desires, the world has its own. Of course, we have our own desires and needs, but the essence is that we also have to look at other people's interests," said Vucic, and added: "Merkel said in Davos, quoting Max Weber, that compromise is victory, not defeat. I'm afraid we are very far from a compromise. Both Serbs and Albanians and half the world have already killed by gossip something that has not even been achieved. Our free space for compromise is small and narrow and difficult to achieve. They were all against, without either seeing, nor offered an alternative," said Vucic. At:

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