24. November 2018

EU says Pristina is in violation of CEFTA

The European Union has issued a clear statement, spokesperson at the European Commission Maja Kocijancic said on Thursday, Beta is reporting. The statement was that by introducing 100-percent import fees on goods from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Pristina violated the provisions of CEFTA on free trade in the Western Balkans. She reiterated that Brussels expected the CEFTA secretariat and all sides to take the necessary measures to guarantee that the agreement was honored. Kocijancic, who is the spokesperson of EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, stressed that Brussels had the right to do that, because the EU supervises all the obligations assumed by partners in the region, and CEFTA is a pillar of regional cooperation in the Western Balkans and the key part of the regional economic space, which is covered in the agreements on stabilization and association with the EU. This was her reply to questions by journalists of Albanian-language media from Kosovo, about how Mogherini could have demanded that the Pristina government revoke the decision on the 100-percent import fee on goods from Serbia and Bosnia, when the relevant secretariat of CEFTA had not yet declared a stand, and whether that could be viewed as pressure from the EU, which is not a member of CEFTA. The announcement of EU High Representative Mogherini clearly stated that Kosovo's government had not acted in the right way, and that it represented a violation of CEFTA. The Kosovo government must therefore revoke its Nov. 21 decision on introducing 100-percent import fees on goods from Serbia and Bosnia, Kocijancic said. She recalled that the secretariat of CEFTA had been expected for some time now to report to the EU and the partners in the region on the development of cooperation within the agreement. Mogherini's media representative reiterated that this, at the same time, went against the principle of the Stabilization and Association Agreement, which the authorities in Pristina had signed with the European Commission. "Viewed as a whole, and we have made that clear during many discussions and statements," Kocijancic stated. At:

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